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Choosing A Gazebo

Having outdoor gazebos can mean more than just having a pretty little structure for your back yard: it can actually be like an addition to your home. New construction materials and weatherproofing techniques have made it possible to turn a gazebo into its own little outdoor home away from home, the perfect place to have garden parties, weddings and big celebrations, or even your personal getaway zone complete with a hot tub. Large gazebos for sale can be found easily for affordable prices and can add true value to your property, and can be a place for the formation of many fond memories.

Wide Array of Choices

The Gazebos we have for purchase come in several materials: cedar, southern yellow pine, and their weatherproof vinyl. All three materials have their own particular advantages dependent upon your personal tastes and preferences. Cedar is beautiful and classic, but needs a lot of attention to keep it looking good. Southern pine is also lovely and sturdy, and does need to be treated yearly against water damage. Vinyl is the way to go if you want low-maintenance, long-lasting outdoor gazebos; even though it can’t be color-customized like some of the wood options, it is always stylish, and the convenience can’t be beaten.

Classic and Lasting Beauty

The 12′ by 18′ oval wooden gazebo in vinyl with screens is a great choice if you want to be able to accommodate a medium to large gathering in comfort. This attractive oval design offers screened views all around, perfect for a long table or Jacuzzi or garden tub. The white vinyl construction is durable and easy to care for: just spray it off with a hose every few months, versus having to seal wood annually, making it a time-saver as well. The roof is a classic pagoda style with a cupola, covered in water-resistant midnight gray rubber slate shingling. This is a sizable structure that usually will need a larger yard to accommodate it. Make sure you contact your local building inspector’s office prior to purchasing these kind of gazebos, to not run afoul of zoning regulations. The 12′ by 18′ oval vinyl gazebo starts at around $13,000, which is a good price for something so very functional, beautiful and enduring.

In sum, choose your style and material for gazebos wisely, based on your tastes and needs. Rest assured there are plenty of gazebos for sale at excellent prices.